Holi Special : Bad Cibil Loan App List 2024

Dear friends, in this article we are going to consult about bad cibil loan app list. So, those application who are providing loans to customer with low CIBIL score we will discussed here.

What is Cibil Score?

Cibil Score is a number that is calculated by agencies like Cibil, experian etc. on behalf of your past financial history.

If you are fresher and never taken any loan then your Cibil Score will be low. Cibil Score will only increased by financial transactions.

How to Get Loan with Low Cibil ?

If you are searching loan for Loan Cibil Score then you will get the minimum loan offer from the lending partners. Here is Bad cibil loan app list ( Low Cibil Loan App ) which you can try to take a loan offer .

Sr No.Apps NameInterest rateLoan Amount
1MoneyView16%- 39%Rs.10,000 – 5 Lac
2Loaney0% – 36%Rs. 200 – 15K
3Loan Front12% -35%Rs.2,000- 5 Lac
4True Balance16% – 60%Rs.1,000 – 50K
5SmartCoin0% – 30%Rs.1,000 – 1Lac
6KreditBee0% – 29.95%Rs.1,000 – 3Lac
7Branch24% – 36%Rs.750 – 50K
8MyShubhLife16% – 44%Rs.3,000 – 2Lac
9mPokket Student Loan0% -48%Rs.500 – 30K
10Kissht 16% -26%Rs.1,000 – 1Lac
11Pocketly Student Loan1% -3%Rs.500 – 10K
12Simply Cash Loan2.08%Rs.20,000- 2Lakh
13EarlySalary Instant Cash3%Rs.8,000- 5Lacs
14Navi Loan App1%-3.75%Rs.1000- 20Lacs
15Payme India Personal1.5%-3%Rs.1,000- 2 Lacs
16CASHe Personal Loan2.53%Rs.1,000- 4Lacs
17Google Pay Loan1.25%-2.9%Rs.10,000-1.25 Lakh
18Tala Loan App1% -3%Rs.1,000 – 10K
19MyMoney Loan11.75% -25.75%Rs.5,000- 2 Lacs
20Nira Loan App2% -3%Rs.5,000 – 1Lac
21Bueno Loans2% -3%Rs.1,000 – 10K
22FlexSalry Cash Loan2% -3%Rs.10,000- 2 Lacs
23Best 3 Loan Apps2% -3%Rs.5,000 – 1Lac
24Zype Instant Loan2% -3%Rs.5,000 – 5Lac
25Taplend Loan App0%-33%Rs.1,000 – 10K
26Indie Loan App11.99%-28%Rs.5,00,000
Top Loan Apps in India 2024

How to increase Cibil Score?

Your Cibil can be increased by some of practice as below

  • Apply for credit card and use for monthly consumption.
  • Take small loan from trusted app and done repayment timely.
  • Take personal loan on emi for build up your score.
  • Get the some fix amount monthly in your bank account.

How to check Cibil Score?

  • Register yourself at or
  • Filled your Pan card number and mobile number attached with bank account.
  • In dashboard click on create a Cibil report.
  • Your Cibil score will be emailed to your email id.

How to Know Cibil Score Bad or Good ?

 Check your Cibil in which range-

  • 300-550 (Poor)
  • 550-650 (Average)
  • 650-750 Good
  • 750-900 (Excellent)


In this article our motive is to aware by Bad cibil loan app list as well awareness about cibil score. We hope you will understand basic of topic covered. If you got some learn then please like this post and share to your friends. Thank for being a member.

How to get a loan with bad CIBIL?

Apply to loan apps like, Branch, Moneyview, Smartcoin apps.
Get a small loan from these lending platforms and pay emi on time.
Also check Other Apps List

Which is the best loan app for low CIBIL score?

1 Branch
4.Early salary.
5. Smart coin
Also check Other Apps List

How to get 10,000 rupees urgently without salary?

You should try in loan apps like
1. Branch
2. Kissht
3. Loaney
4. Payrupik

Also check Other Apps List

Can I get a loan on 600 CIBIL score?

Cibil 600 is a average score and you can apply loan in online apps and banking partners. As per your monthly income loan offer can be consider

Can I get a loan with a 450 credit score?

Cabil 300 to 550 is under poor category, so you have to try for build up your score first. If you will try with poor score then bank will not consider. Only some of online apps will provide you loan offer but on very high interest.

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